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Can't stop making horrible calls - Mental Game issues.

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Can't stop making horrible calls - Mental Game issues.

Hello all,

Couldn’t decide whether to post this or not but I figure at
the very minimum just me writing this down should be beneficial on some level.
I’ve seen other mental game threads with excellent responses, so here goes…

I’ve just completed my first 50k hands at 50NL and have been
haunted by a ridiculous mental game leak whereby I make horrible calls on the
river. I’m talking like some of the most spewy “bluff catches” because I invent
some very remote scenario whereby “they could be bluffing”.

 I always fast click the call button and instantly see why it
is bad but it’s like I’ve pressed it before I can install rational analysis.

 I am currently reading MGOP, and intend to implement
strategies, although I can’t decide how to categorise it. If it’s entitlement
tilt, or hate losing tilt, idk. I just hate the thought that I ever get

 As a result, I have ~33% WTSD which I realise is very high
and whilst I have a positive win rate, I worry about it’s sustainability. That said,
I’m very excited to see what I could win if I plug this leak.

 On a rational level, I know how stupid this is. I have just
wrote out why that is so. The trouble is, in game, I still sometimes revert to
this horrible leak.


My questions are:

Does anybody else out there have this problem?

What strategies did you implement to
successfully deal with it?

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