CHALLENGE: 5bb/100 over 50K-hands in 1 week 10NL ZOOM 8-tabling

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CHALLENGE: 5bb/100 over 50K-hands in 1 week 10NL ZOOM 8-tabling

Hey guys, I (Robin) feel it's time for me to step up to the plate and show myself more to the RIO community!

The first step in this process will be undertaking the following challenge:

Number of Hands: 50k
Stakes: 10NL
Format: 8-tabling ZOOM (both 6-max and 9-max)
Time frame: 1 week
Target winrate: 5bb/100 EV (excluding rakeback)
Inspiring winrate: 10bb/100 EV

Some background:
Playing poker (semi)-proffesionally on and off for ~10 years, started out as an MTT-player, with some derails towards cashgames (50-400nl).
Had reasonable success in the prime years (2008-2013) earning well over six figures, also playing some live (WSOP,EPT,Aussie Million,MCOP).
Since 2014 travelling a lot and focusing my energy and effort especially on 'the inward journey', exploring who I am and what I want in my life.
Became intrigued in everything concerning human decision making (irrationality, power of the mind, psychology, 'new agy stuff' like meditation/visualization/non-duality)
Long story short, invested time and spend pretty much all my money, to grow as a person and figure out my perspective in the world. Really glad I did this, I needed it and it serves me really well!

Expected a big tax refund over my profits this July as a result of favorable court decisions, yet stunningly enough (given what I was told by 'experts') the tax agency did appeal once more to the ruling, so it will take another 1,5 years before I see that money again (if at all).
In my spending decisions in the last year I pretty much accounted for that money to come in, so my poker budget at the moment is really small and forces me to play microstakes, without staking.
Now 28 years old and at a crossroad: Rejuvenate my poker-career or earn money on the labor market.
Still notice I have a huge passion for poker and I strongly feel I can accomplice my 'bigger goals in life' very well with poker as the main source of income.

In my MTT-years I was playing an extremely exploitative style, purely based on (1) flagrant exploitation of fishes (2) strong game-selection (3) intuitive ICM-awareness and (4) excelling in the 'I think you think that I think' game
Albeit being quite arrogant in estimation of my winrate and skill-level, I was simultaneously humble in noticing when I was outclassed and took resort to very tight play and some well-timed preflop agression in between versus them.
During my travelling years I started watching a bunch of RIO videos and started getting interested in Game Theory.
Spend a lot of time getting a grasp on that (re-studying algebra, reading Mathematics of Poker, reading John Neumann book, buying and studying PIO)
Currently my main 'technical' domain of study is range vs range-interaction and finding exploits based on them, using PIO and node-locking (thank you Nick Howard!)

While re-building my bank-roll I'll play cashgames, to soften variance. In the long-run I want to start playing MTT's again.
I'm committed in sharpening my understanding of range vs range interaction in the cash game arena and bring these insights along with me later on to the MTT-world again.

In a later stadium, potentially a next challenge, I'll elaborate further on my context (background, current situation, long-term goals/dreams etc.)

What do I hope to get out of this challenge?
1. Exploring earning potential microstakes playing mass volume
2. Accountability
3. Being in the arena (showing up and letting myself be seen)
4. Discipline
5. Increasingly incorporating logic as the basis of my decision making process
6. Inspiration

Target group:
1. Low-stakes players
2. Mental game students
3. Learning process aficionados

'External' Commitment: What can you guys expect from me in regard to this challenge?
- Playing >7500 hands each day
(Capable of playing ~1400 hands per hour)
- Posting updated results at the end of each day (graph)
- Daily evaluation post, covering
(1) mental game
(2) technical play
(3) discipline
- Posting 3 relevant hands at the end of each day aimed at improving decision-making process for in the future.
(In which I describe take-aways, for example population exploits or flaws in my thought process during that specific hands)
- Before start challenge I post the PF RFI ranges I'll use during the challenge.
- Before start challenge I post the population exploits I'll focus on during the challenge.
- After the challenge I'll evaluate the (1) results (2) mental game (3) technical play / exploits (4) discipline
- Moreover, I'll perform an elaborate HM database review to objectively determine the (lack of) profitability of my chosen strategies
(Did the variety of my exploits turn out to be as effective as I expected them to be? Profitability of the RFI strategies? etc. etc.)
The objectives of this reviewing are
(1) exposing biases, whenever they exist
(2) increased awareness of population tendencies
(3) inspiration for future strategic alterations and exploits

'Internal' Commitment: What do I expect from myself?
- Simplify! Consistent application of rules of thumb or general strategies whenever possible (freeing up mental and time space)
- Discipline in daily routine (Morning meditation/yoga, healthy eating, evening sport, not playing poker after 22:00, 8 hours sleep)
- Pre-playing mental warming up, Post-playing mental cooling down
- Short (5-10 min) breaks after each 1k-hands session, accompanied with some stretching etc.
- Short 'mental check' of mental state after each 1k-session, reconfirming my mental goals
- Continuous awareness/mindfulness (beware of auto-pilot & emphasize on relevant thought process and info-gathering during hands)
- Mark Sit-out next hand when overload of decisions is lurking + big-EV decision takes precedence over a merely urgent time decision!

In my next post I'll outline how I will tackle this challenge strategically.

Cheers, Robin

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