Consistent to Consistent - Life & Love & Money

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Consistent to Consistent - Life & Love & Money

Hello Run it once ,
My name is Henry, 23 years old. writing this journal to ask some of you guys about opinion and tips and advice.


I am just an ordinary boy with ordinary job.
I already play online poker for 4 years now. Playing so many format, but not focusing on 1 format to be better. now I only focusing to play NLHE Cash Games. I have 9-5 job in weekdays, and play poker at night and on the weekend. First, I plan to play poker semi recreational to add some side income (but, the reality now is big portion of my income goes to play poker).
I do this challenge, because I want to discipline myself, and consistently doing it. Because my big problem for now is consistency, focus, and discipline.

Now I weight 99kg, I think most of the fat people have a lazy mindset. I want to change, I want to be fit, not really to be a sixpack or to be a fighter. at least I can have stamina or good cardio.
My bad Habit is Porn, Gambling, and inconsistency.


I have this one girl. she is 2 years younger than me. We are from the same religion community. I don't know, maybe I am so childish, talking about love. but I really like this girl. I don't know what to do around her, I always nervous around her. She is very kind to me, and I am in love with her. Actually, she is kind to everyone, I just so melted and end up love her. But she is the one, who really makes me to be better at myself. I don't know if this is wrong motivation, but I want to be better for her to like me. I want to lose weight for her, I want to make money more, so I am enough for her.

The reality is She likes another boy. but they are not dating. so I think I have a chance. you know, gambling people, if there is a chance, maybe I can. I don't know what to do, I'll talk it later.


I can say that I don't have any saving now. all my salary is gone to poker. My goal is not to deposit again for poker. and save some money for the future.


My strategy is to balance study and play everynight on weekdays, and grinding on the weekend. I (hopefuly) will update the result, graph, or anything everyweek.

My Bankroll now. Stars ($500) playing zoom NL10 & NL16
My 2022 goals:
-Play 150.000 hands
-Play NL50 (25/5 BI rules)
-Weight until 85kg, now I am 99kg
-Have at least 3 month of my salary in my savings.

Really bad writing for now, maybe i will edit this later , and update some of my story in the comment.
Please reply this, if you have any Advice, or tips, or opinion. I really need this. Thank you

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