Dealing with emotions

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Dealing with emotions

Okay, so I've been playing poker for a long time, I've watched endless hours of training videos and have studied the play of others and myself, I have a good grasp of how to play solid and when I'm reviewing hands, I already know where I've made a mistake and know how to correct it, however whenever I play I just can't seem to do it, I know I should fold to this 3bet but I call anyway, I know I should fold to his 3rd barrel because he has me dominated a lot but I still find myself calling. Okay I don't do it all the time, sometimes I just get lazy and zone out without realizing, other times a hand where villains play pisses me off it sends me off into tilt land where I end up berating them in chat like a complete retard, when I'm on my game I feel I can play very solid and beat just about any reg at 50nl HU maybe even higher, but I just can't seem to control my emotions, sometimes I'll win 4BI's early, but then spew off 8 in about 100 hands..

I've studied up on it, read Tommy Angelo's book, and Jared Tendler's book and watched a few videos I've found on sites like this, however none of it actually does anything for me, those books just talk about why stuff happens, but doesn't really help me fix it. I really want to find something that will help me fix my problems, I feel the only thing standing in the way of me becoming a long term winning player is myself, I know I'm not the only one with this issue and I'm sure at least some people have corrected it, I feel if I can get this right I could maybe one day become a HSNL regular, but if I can't fix it I don't even see myself beating 10nl.

50nl HU tilt donkey needs help controlling his emotions @ the tables.

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