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Do it or die!!! Live 2/5 + The Micros Online

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Do it or die!!! Live 2/5 + The Micros Online

My wife and I live off my poker income, which is 100% from live 2/5 NL games at my hometown casino. I've made a decent profit since I went fulltime last year, but I'm currently battling my way out of a 4 month breakeven stretch. If I can't turn things around, I'll have to work at McDonald's or something. Bankroll: approximately $20,000.

Online, I'm down to a $100 bankroll. I desperately need to improve my poker skills and track my own play, which are impossible with the constraints and small sample sizes of live, full-ring games. My goal is to grind the 100 up to 10,000 in microstakes 6-max and obsessively work on my NL skills. This should hopefully translate over to my 2/5 winrate and help me support my family.

Yes, I'm motivated!! LFG!

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