Filters for 'Pro Training' videos list?

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Filters for 'Pro Training' videos list?

Hey guys,

I love the site, but there's one thing that's making it slightly worse than perfect for me right now. When I go to the 'Pro Training' section to watch training videos, I have to scroll through every video that's ever been published on the site and read the title to know if it's relevant for me or not. At the moment it's not too bad, but eventually it will become slightly ridiculous once the site has hundreds of videos up.

It would be really useful to have the videos either sorted into categories before the list appears (so there'd be a different page for PLO/NLH/MTT respectively) or at least put some filters in there so we can view videos by a specific coach or on a specific topic. The playlist function is useful, but if you go a couple of weeks without watching a video and then want to catch up, it can be really cumbersome to a) find the 6/7 videos you missed and add them to your playlist, and b) make sure you don't accidentally end up watching part 2 of 3 before part 1 because you couldn't quite see the title clearly in the pop-up playlist.

I think this could actually become a really annoying issue as the site gets older, so I'd like to see it addressed in some way soon. I'm already finding myself missing out on good content because I looked down the list and mistook a new video for something by the same coach I'd already watched.


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