Giving up poker for now

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Giving up poker for now

Results have continued to be poor, and my mental game performance is quite shocking. I haven't been able to fully regain my confidence and running bad affects me too much. I have a lot of accumulated emotion that needs to be flushed out completely. 

I'm actually not too sure what i'm going to do but i do have some time now to think about it. Gonna continue to write and setup a blog to create a resource for other aspiring players so that they don't make the same mistakes i did. i do think i have something to contribute to the community even if i wasn't successful. Although i was able to support myself for several years ultimately i do think i have failed my parents, family, gf and myself. 

i do feel i've learnt a lot and have the tools to do well BUT my application is really bad (mental game errors like not trusting my gut instinct for instance) and the money/time/energy invested isn't giving me the returns profit/happiness/satisfaction that i would like. 

It feels odd being beaten by a game when i still see so much profit to be made on the tables. I think the worst enemy has been myself and further self-reflection will have me discover what really happened.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed/posted and advised me during my time on RIO. i may still stop by now and again.

Good luck and best wishes for 2014


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