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Hoping for some advice with my Lock Poker problem.

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Hoping for some advice with my Lock Poker problem.

I've built my bankroll on Lock Poker up to about $70k USD but cashouts for US players are very slow. I can only get off 2k every 2-4 months unless I do player trades on 2+2 but the value of Lock funds are only around 20-30 cents on the dollar. This seems very low since non US players are still able to get 10k off every 2-4 months. My problem is that I am down to only about $6k in real life and it would hurt if Lock went under and I had to start over. I was thinking about moving to Canada and trying to withdraw from Lock while playing on Stars but I have no family or friends there and not being able to play year round for super nova elite doesn't sound great. I could also play live at the Commerce (though I like online more) and hope things with Lock get better (which doesn't seem very likely). Right now I only pay $300 a month for rent in a pretty nice place and I know I wouldn't get close to as good of a deal if I move, even if I were to trade with the horrible vig I would still be making around $40-$60 an hour, but I've been holding off on trading because I just don't understand how the value of Lock dollars is so low when a none US player can trade 2k USD for 10k Lock and play through the 15% rake requirement, which is easy for a winning player, and then withdraw 10k USD and get it in 2-4 months. Seems like an amazing ROI and an easy way to pick up an extra 20-40k a year as a non US poker player. I'm not even sure if I'd beat Stars or live for more than $40-$60 an hour but the only games worth playing on Lock only run for a few hours a day and sometimes don't run at all. Am I wrong in thinking that the value of Lock money should be higher and it is only this low because none US players don't know about it? Or should I be trading my funds away because it is too likely that Lock will go under? Just wondering what you guys would do if you were in my shoes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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