How to identify the problem,

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How to identify the problem,

1) Hello everyone,I have been playing poker for a year only to break even and mess up everything many times, tilting off my bankroll on 50NL 4-5 times, restarting database 6-7 times because i was feeling this is not representative of my actual game(tilted sessions,clicking buttons, making insanely bad plays that were even obvious for my tilted version, but i just click it anyway), and as i see things now, this whole year, i dont remember a single comeback session, it has to be something like 0,5% of the times that i started with -2-3 BI and i finished the session with a profit,i remember quitting sooo many sessions after losing 1-2 stacks even after 5-10 minutes of play, same goes for the opposite, starting good and finishing with a loss, it is like i am not self-aware of how results affect me.The time that i write this post i am thinking things like how can i even tilt, it makes no sense, i even want to make fun of me for being so stupid to tilt,but i have been thinking like this in the past and it just happened again out of nowhere,that is a bit of a worry i have in my mind despite feeling positive and optimistic right now, what do you believe i need to do to make sure it does not happen again or at least to handle it better for start,

2) I also need to study Poker and need a starting point cause i feel that i am not spending enough time outside the tables, of course i do watch regularly videos read some books articles, forums etc, but i feel like this is not...deep enough or something, There is one thing that i want to focus my study on for start actually, and this is my Button win/rate, throughout my "career" it has been always the same, from my first session on 2NL Pokerstars(just knowing that flush beats straight and full house beats flush :D :D) until now, no matter the stake(5,10,25NL) no matter if i was on my A+ or C game my Button has lower win/rate(BY FAR) than cuttoff and MP at least, sometimes, maybe most times and ep, it is like 30ish bb/100 difference than cuttof, even now that i took a break to clear my mind, and started from anew, being focused and playing as good as i can it is still the same(not big sample though), what do i need to do to identify what is causing this and improve it, i think i have to keep playing for now until i hit a good sample , after that?

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