I think Global Poker is rigged

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I think Global Poker is rigged

I really do. I've played enough now to know when something is off and really - it's so obviously off here it's pretty incredible that they'd be so bold about it. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are behind the scenes algorithms on this site along the lines many have suspected over time. They SHACKLE you if you're running over your competition. They simply protect certain players (the donators) at times to keep them at the tables and paying rake. I 100% believe this and am not alone. Do a quick google search and you will just find endless speculation about this.

I can win on it (20nl now) but I have to play completely differently there than everywhere else. 4-6 to the flop is common and the most nonsense, trash hands like J4o and 92s consistently keep winning bigger pots. Miracle turns and rivers for them. Tons of unfoldable hands dealt to other players, huge pots created, and the donators protected to keep them at the tables at times. You might as well just sit and play like 10/9/3 and never bluff on here. Just nut it up, do your time, and that's it. I have to sit there for fucking HOURS at a clip to win money. It's a joke compared to what I'm experiencing on other sites and this is, by FAR the softest. I have never seen bad players somehow stay afloat or even profit like this. Never. 94o opened UTG and things like that...guys having huge 3 and 4 BI sessions playing that way.

Stay away from Global until they add some kind of transparency and tracking software is allowed. It's no wonder they don't want anyone to be able to accurately compile stats on this site's games.

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