Insane monkey tilt. Help!

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Insane monkey tilt. Help!

Tonight I tilted off the bigger part of my bankroll (again). Everytime I have built a decent bankroll I tilt it off in a matter of hours. It usually starts by losing 2 or 3 buy-ins in a row. Then I get impatient and start making very lose calls and finally I move up in stakes or play lots of hyper turbos.
Tonight after having lost 10+ buy-ins I decided to call it a night and closed the program. Later, for some reason I opened it again and started pressing buttons again like a monkey...

I notice that the frequency of going on tilt is getting less! So that's good I guess. But it keeps happening and when it does, I always waste a lot of money.

Did or does this happen to you, too? What are you doing / have you done to overcome this problem? Do you do pre sesion warm ups? Breaks? Also what's your "emergency strategy"?
I am interested in what has worked best for YOU so far and your process of mastering the mental game.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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