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live poker body language

I played this year mostly livepoker and did very well and im trying to play higher.

My problem is sometimes when i get into a big pot and i'm about to bluff because i think it would be the play in that spot my heart is just pumping like really fast and i cannot control it. The funny thing is sometimes it is like that and sometimes not. And also when i have big hand and make a valuebet my heart is pumping really fast sometimes too and sometimes not^^ my heartbeat is actually balanced...i know sounds ridiculous, but that keeps me from getting exploited by that.

So at times i feel like i cannot go for the bluff because my nervousness seems visible to others and keeps me from playing my game. Of course i try to cover my neck and stuff and do my best to hide all emotions etc.

Do you have any tipp for me? For calming my mind and body? A good liveplayer told me he tried to exploit this but failed because my heart was pumping when i had it and when i didn't and told me i shouldn't worry too much about it. But when i play with new players i think it makes them more callhappy...

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