Looking for ideas for my last videos for RIO!

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Looking for ideas for my last videos for RIO!

Hey guys!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't uploaded videos in a while. This is due to a couple reasons: I took a lot of holidays between May and August, went twice to California and once to see my family and friends in Spain, and also because my D: drive, where I had like 1TB of PIO trees, sadly died :(

I have 4 videos left in my contract (after that I don't know what will happen) and I wouldn't like them (or at least all of them) to be live sessions, which I think most of my sessions are pretty decent, but you have a lot of live sessions out there by much better "live performers", and I think I can give the best of myself and really be proud of my work when I mess around with Pio, and I also learn the most by doing it, even though it takes much more work for me to put into.

So I have two different approaches for the remaining videos: one more theoretical and one more exploitative, as was the last video I uploaded. So if you want some 6 max spot you want me to approach in some of my last videos, feel free to spread out some ideas! I will consider all of them, either GTO or exploitative spots. The exploitative ones should be in the direction of my last video ("facing suboptimal cbetting strategies). The "GTOish" types of videos will be harder for me to create without my beloved solved trees :'( which took hundreds and hundreds of hours to solve, but will consider both. But so that you know I will give preference to the exploitative ones for the mentioned reasons. I was considering and preparing a "Mixed strategy SB vs BB play" for quite a while and it was something that really created enthusiasm on me because it was such a complex and unexplored spot, but it would be hard for me to do it right now.

Thank you!

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