Loosing $600 everyday

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Loosing $600 everyday

Hi Guys

I have been a winning poker player offline since way back, I won a couple of high roller tourneys over here in South Africa and always walk out on top when I hit the casino.

About 6 months ago I opened an account at pokerstars and started losing piles of cash very quickly, my first day I was down about $640, then I got my account verified at pokerstars and deposited $5000. 2 days later that roll was gone as well, 2 weeks later and I'm down close to $23000, I play 5/10nl and 5/10 PLO, I have been playing more PLO than NL.

I have read a few books on PLO and I am very confident in my game, but it seems that whenever I get the money in good I get sucked out on and the cards never hit me good.

I've really been struggling getting any of the money I've lost back or building a roll without depositing thousands of dollars.

I am currently down over $70,000 in 6 months and I'm losing on average $600 a day, I think I play well, I believe that my game is solid and that I should be beating these stakes if I can beat the $100/$200 tables offline.

It really sucks and I'm doubting that I will ever get better, I try my best to stay positive and focused but I get so tilted when donks suck out on me or I lose a huge pot in a flip when I clearly had the best hand.

Ive move down to the micros and have been beating them easily, but as soon as I move up to just $1/$2 I bust my roll very quickly.

Does anyone have some advice for me? Any software I could use or any books I could read?


EDIT: http://www.runitonce.com/plo/sick-beat-on-ps/

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