Loosing poker strategy(BIG POT DAVE)

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Loosing poker strategy(BIG POT DAVE)

In nlh at 1-2 i have a standard d of +/-$200 hourly rate of -$5/when i moved to 1-3 my s/d got worse naturally  i feel i often find myself in massive pots with draws only or i am forced to lay down hands that are weaker than sets i only play weak aces from the button/also i raise more than call on the button opening my entire range suited connectors Broadway cards/all pairs i feel my strength is hand reading although often i may give too much credit to my opponents I realize the game has gotten harder especially online I call myself big pot Dave because i often create a big pot for another player.... Am i overplaying both marginal hands/and good hands...  changing my style after suffering a beat.... iv ran through about 6-7k at low stakes holdem so clearly im a loosing player what can I do to change this I feel my style is rather knitty already/// are my blow ups really costing me that much over and over,,,, Is it common to string togther more loses than wins my session loggers shows rows of red/and a few spots of green....WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THIS

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