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Mentees Space

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Mentees Space

Hello there 👋

I created this space to share my Poker journey starting from the lowest level - NL2.

I joined RIO roughly 1 week ago, and I'm enjoying my time here. Great content and I like the way the coaches interact with our comments. Honestly, it would help me a lot to be one of the 5 monthly persons to get the free membership. If you want to support me, you know how to do it.

Nevertheless, I want to give to the community as well. Playing NL2, I don't think I can bring new ideas or excellent hands-on reviews to this thread, but I will make my effort to put every lesson I learn in a way where we can learn together. The videos I see, I take notes, and I will post the key takeaways for me. The Poker work I do outside RIO I will share here as well. The way I work my mental game, yup, I will share here as well.

I hope this can be interesting to see and, for me, enjoyable to do as well.

My goal in Poker is to reach High Stakes. I'm far, far away from getting there, but I will make an effort to climb the ladder the best I can and share it with all of you. Also, for me, this space will act as a growth journal in Poker. It will serve as my memories along this journey.

If you find this idea interesting, you can be on this journey with me.

See you in the next post!

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