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Moving to the USA What sites you guys recomend?

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Moving to the USA What sites you guys recomend?

Hi i currentlly play from Perú NL50 NL25 at Pokerstars, but im gonna travel to the USA for few months and i want to play from there and im about to move my bankroll to ignition or ACR but now im not sure about ACR cuz i saw the papi's podcast abour fraud and bots on that site

MY questions are

1.- Wich one is better? i saw Tyler forester playing at ignition
2.-What is the best Deposit and withdraw method once im inside the USA?
3.-What documnets do they ask you tu send? i currentlly have business/TOurist VIsa and passport so i dont think im gonna get a licence driver on the USA cuz< im just gonna stay for 2 or 3 months

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