Moving up Anxiety..

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Moving up Anxiety..

Hey guys,

So i have a very nice winrate at my current limits (I play mostly 10nl, recorded 210k hands with 11bb/100)

Now i know this is more than enough to have moved up limits by now, but i am having anxiety problems that keep me from doing so,

- Couple of reasons for this is the fact i hate having no reads/hands on people, what is a good reaction to this?
- How did you overcome this anxiety feeling of moving up stakes? What is the best way to get myself mentally prepared before a session?
- I'm finding it hard to give myself reason/motivation on moving up when i tend to do well at the games i currently play, how do i overcome this?

I guess things that put me off mostly aswell is everytime i have took stabs at higher stakes, i lose a couple of buy ins due to silly mistakes on my part, out thinking myself most of the time rather than the "ABC" i know.

Would really appreciate your feedback on this, How did you overcome the anxiety of moving up?

Thanks in advance people,
Peace out x

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