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Moving up from the micros - My personal challenge

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Moving up from the micros - My personal challenge

Hello fellow grinders, the purpose of this thread is to motivate myself and other microgrinders, to be honest I still need to structure my routine in order to play better.
There are many ways to improve at the game but I believe they converge into a few principles and it gets more complex the more you move up. I am trying to improve my performance everydayy
One good tip I wanna leave to you guys, is to be conscious of your breath when you are making a tough decision. I don't think successful players end up being a copy of each other. It is important to find out your own style of study/play, at least in my opinion. Being in the moment is key to make unbiased decisions and this is a concept I am still incorporating in my game.
Please don't mind my english, this is not my first language.
I will post my daily results and some spots I find interesting to share.
I was playing nl10 and moved down to nl5 recently.
If you wish to leave some feedback, would be nice.
The first graph are from my best results on GG and the second one are my recent results...
Tougher downswings will come and I must be ready for them but this time I made a commitment.

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