My poker mindset project 2019

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My poker mindset project 2019

This is my third attempt to keep a poker journal. That should be the magic number right. I have been playing poker for many years and enjoy almost every aspect of it. I have my income from elsewhere and would label myself as a recreational player who wants to be at least a semi-professional in the future.

I am so very curious about the A-game Masterclass. I want to do that, but I don’t have the funds right now. Until I can get it I am going to strengthen my poker mind on my own. At this point I actually have gathered some skill in poker but show no fantastic results and I think I would be the perfect student for the A-game masterclass. Enrolling in that is my goal.

I heard Fedor Holz advice that accepting uncertainty or something similar is the key. This resonates with me a lot. All my poker mindset problems stems from me feeling impatient which leads to drastic bankroll mismanagement. It’s almost never me playing super bad, but rather having too few buyins for the level I play at. That’s my number one tilt style.

So I am going to torture myself a little until I can get hold of that a-game masterclass, which I will do somehow.

My plan is to play 100 hands per day for the coming 10 days. Then increase to 200 hands for the next ten days and so on. Until I get to 2k hands per day. These hands I am going to play with a perfect bankroll management. I will also do a warmup routine consisting of:

  1. Some exercise
  2. Shower.
  3. Make a cup of yogi tea which is my favorite tea type.
  4. Elliot Roe mp3 for confidence/motivation etc.
  5. Play the hands.
  6. Study for 30 minutes.

Let’s go!

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