Need advice about getting back to playing my A game

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Need advice about getting back to playing my A game

Hi everyone,

For the last year I've been one of the biggest winners in the games I play in at mid-high stakes. I have had plenty of big downswings in the past but they haven't affected me that much as I've always had great ev adjusted results. However, during the last month or so my ev adjusted results have been terrible over a large sample. I've been running a lot above ev in the meantime so my actual results are pretty good, but the fact that I know I'm supposed to be losing money feels a lot worse than actually losing money. As a result, I've been a lot less confident in my game, have started questioning many aspects of my strategy, started looking a lot more at what other regs are doing and I'm a lot less creative.

Does anyone have any advice about how to deal with a situation like this?

Thank you

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