New Poker Journal for Accountability

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New Poker Journal for Accountability

Hi all!

I decided that I needed to start my very own poker journal to get myself accountable. I like to think I know what I am doing at the tables but I know that I need to study and get better and also change my mindset/mentality/tilt. I will go on a good streak of a few days to a couple of weeks of winning at a good clip and then run into a downswing or some bad luck and feel like I cant do anything right.

The things that I am going to do to turn this around are start on the A-Game Masterclass next week, The Game Plan, and work on getting some study time in on a more consistent basis. I think the main thing that has always pulled me away from studying is the fact that RIO has always seemed a very daunting task to figure out what to use and where to start.

I will only be waiting until next week because I have an athletic competition at the gym where I workout this weekend and will be focusing on prep for that for the next few days.

Background: I play almost primarily 6 max NLH cash online (100NL-200NL). I am stuck at 100NL right now after having a downswing at 200NL and not breaking back through yet. I would love to play for a living but it has been just side income for me as I live in the US and find that I need to hold a job for health insurance for my family and I. I would love to someday get to the point that I can just hold a part time job that just provides insurance and have poker be my main source of income.

Any advice or pointers on a good path here at the site would be much appreciated. I used to use RedChip and liked their setup where you just followed a course but RIO easily has the best pros around to learn from. I have tried the learning paths here but they still seem very winding in the path forward. I have gone through FTGU cash game course and have all of the other courses besides This is PLO and PLO Puzzle.

I really love the game of poker and would love to do it for a living. I just feel that I am stuck at a decent player that makes myself run poorly. Hoping that a little bit of journaling to get myself in check can help. Looking forward to the road ahead!

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