On my way to Triangulum

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On my way to Triangulum

Hey guys, I'm a 21 years old brazilian current in the university, but poker is my main focus. I'll try to resume my poker journey:
I first got in touch with the game of poker in the end of 2014, playing some super micro stakes sit n go's with friends. I noticed that poker is a skill game, and I've always loved strategy games. So I started playing a lot of live freerolls to try to build a bankroll(I made a deal with myself that I would never put my own money in poker - I don't recommend that, a LOT of wasted time in freerolls).

Allright, so in the end of 2015 I finally won 600 reais (3,5 reais = 1 dollar), and started to play live cash games (0,5/1 reais and 1/2 reais), I was a completely nit donk, the 12/10 guy at the live tables lol. Anyway, I could turn those 600 reais into 2500 reais, I was just playing in the weekends and only studying shitty free content on YouTube, I also played plo5 and nl5 in PokerStars, but again, a donk nit.

Ok, finally 2017 was my changing year, I had 500 dollars in PokerStars and 300 reais live (I deposited online most of my money), but I started to lose a lot online and decided to become a live rounder, allright, about 650hours playing in 2017 I turned that 300 reais into about 12k reais, made a couple of trips with my gf, and was planning to move up to 5/5 live cash games. But here in Brazil the rake is fckn alwful (5% - 9% rake with NO CAP), even if you are playing 1/2 and the pot is 2k, the rake is 100 reais (50bb!!!), and the nlhe games don't get to High stakes here, the highest game that runs day to day is 5/5 with everybody with 500 reais each more or less (the game don't gets deep a lot), and here 1 dollar = 3,5 reais more or less, so it makes a LOT OF SENSE to play online, like, crushing nl100 you can have a very good life here in Brazil.

Allright, so in 2018 I started to play almost only online cash games, nl25zoom on stars. I want to get to nl100z as fast as possible, and I will post here my montly results (ALWAYS) and my day to day hands/toughts (sometimes, depends of the interaction). I have a blog in a brazilian poker forum, but nobody interacts and the community there is very destructing (a lot of haters), I started to read some blogs here and found out that the community of RIO is in general very supporting and interacts a lot, so I hope to get some interaction here lol.

I started a new approach to online cash games a couple of weeks ago, so my graph will chance a lot since today, I shot take in NL50z and it wasn't great, lack of skill + badrun + spew, this shot is clear in the currency graph. I'll only play when I'm in the right mood to play, this usually means every morning, I have a routine that puts me in the flow state I need to play poker, what I mean by not playing when I'm in the right mood is what I usually do when I'm stuck - playing a lot more than I should without the right focus, and that usually means playing at night without preparation. My main focus is to move to nl100z on stars as I said earlier, but in general I want much more than that, but going to nl100 from nl25 is very hard, so I prefer to make a challenge that is hard but doable, than make a challenge that will take a lot of time and a lot more harder, allright guys, this is it, here are my graphs:

Live cash game (there is about 2k reais more in this graph but I wasn't tracking in the beggining):

Graph by number of sessions

Montly results


Online 2018:



GL us!

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