pio vs database review.

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pio vs database review.

Hi RIO members.
It seems to me, that there is not made many videos with database review anymore. I cant find any for plo for example, but maybe plo is very complicated to get something out of with a database review. But holdem i dont see many either. Back in the days it seemed to me, that a database review was used a lot to figure out, if opening ranges was solid, cold calling ranges was solid, C betting frequencies was solid and so on and so on. Also to figure out if opening suited conecters UTG was profitable and stuff like that. These day`s it seems to me, that all the pros just consult pio or other solvers to figure out the same things/get the answers. Am i on the right track here? And is database reviews just old school and not worth anything anymore? I would still like to see a database review(just going nuts with 10-12 parts.....realy dry stuff) for a large sample of plo hands. How to set up filters and stuff like that. But i am a old school guy, so maybee it is just time to change my mindset with these things?
Hope to get a few constrfuctive coments and otherwise GL at the tables.

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