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PLO Poker Software Analysis Recommendations for 2021

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PLO Poker Software Analysis Recommendations for 2021

Hi everyone,

i would like to check in with everyone using PLO software analysis tools, to ask which ones you are using today. Any that you stopped using in favour of another?

I am currently focusing on building my preflop PLO ranges (while putting in about 20-30k hands per month). My next steps will be going into my postflop play. But I wanted to ask which of the following you are still using in 2021? Any programs I missed?

Vision GTO Trainer - $129,99 per month, annual 25% discount $97,49 per month
Monker Solver - once off €499
PLOCalc - $ 300
PokerJuice - €29 monthly
Pro Poker Tools Odds Oracle (what I have been using so far) - $19 basic $89 pro - once off payment
JNandez PLO Trainer - $99 per month, or annually $997
cardquant.com - Pokermuscle £29,00 per month (Using the demo version. Some errors or inconsistencies in results.)

I want something reliable and currently investigating all options. I'm quite comfortable with Odds Oracle but now looking for solver results for common spots and certain hand categories, flop textures etc The solvers are only as good as the programmers who made them and the code itself.

i want to be as productive as possible with my poker study time, so if you have any other guidelines or recommendations, let me know. Thank you so much!

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