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Poker Blog, 1knl+

Hi everyone

I have a blog on 2+2 but I am tired of all the lowlifes/trolls & general negativity, they don't fill my thread but I feel as though there are not many serious poker players on the site any more.

I play 1knl and 2k on three sites, I'm in the states so options are limited. Sometimes I mix in midstakes if games aren't good, but I'd like to stick to less tables/higher stuff.

Don't want to share a lot of personal info at this point but that may change.

Mainly creating this thread to hold myself accountable while journaling anonymously, if more of a poker circle comes out of it then great but that's not why i'm here. Primary goal is to hold my myself accountable in a positive poker environment. I tend to go through periods when I don't play my best and my good life habits suffer. Hopefully this helps prevent that.

Will probably just put up graphs at the end of each month but just to get things started here are all my results in my new database, I have a new supermachine but couldn't be f'd transferring my db over just yet.

Thanks for reading.

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