Poker Life of Flow

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Poker Life of Flow

I have been thinking about writing on here for a while, so I’m glad I’m finally starting. I’m not exactly sure how or where it will go — I’m going to let the process guide itself and see what comes out.

I’m not sure if I only be writing about flow (flow state, the zone, etc.), I’m sure some other stuff will be mixed in, but the concept of flow and specifically building a life of flow will certainly be at the core — as this is the journey I’m on in my life.

I’ve experienced flow states throughout my life, but really started studying flow deeply several years ago. As my understanding, experience and embodiment of flow has grown a beautiful doorway to a new world was opened — a new paradigm in which to live, think, play and explore in. And it’s a cool one.

One very cool thing about flow is the more often we enter this state of mind, the more likely we are to achieve it — even across disciplines. If you get into some deep flow surfing on Wednesday that means you’ll have a better chance of accessing flow while playing poker Friday night. Being in flow produces more flow.

I get into flow quite easily when I write — so obviously if I enjoy writing and I get into flow doing it, it’s an activity I want in my life.

Writing is so great because it helps you make connections, and the brain loves connections! As you write and start to make connections you get a little hit of dopamine (Mmmm dopamine). It feels nice and it’s a pre-curser to flow.

Going public with my writing should up the ante a little bit and give me some feedback — which are both flow triggers (they help induce flow). And hopefully increase my motivation to keep writing too.

I’m looking forward to learning from this experience and hope you do too.

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