Should combining databases be against TOS?

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Should combining databases be against TOS?

I'd like to hear your guys thoughts on this and get some different viewpoints going.

Here's my starting assumption:

Gaining more vision over an environment is the most direct path to
increasing your accuracy in that environment. Intelligent competitors seek to gain vision to reduce bias.

2 guys are big winners at their local casino games and decide to start sharing their thoughts on the other players. No problem.

The same 2 guys start playing online and start talking about the way the new games play. No problem.

They start tracking hands with HM2 and develop personal databases. No problem.

They play 50,000 hands each and start talking about the trends they're seeing in their database. No problem.

They merge their databases to press variance. Big problem.

some ideas for discussion:

-Where are you guys on this issue?
-How can we really draw a clear line between what's ok and what's not, and how rational is that line?
-How much difference do you see between this, and straight up buying batches of hands?

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