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Softly softly catchee monkey

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Softly softly catchee monkey

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year, best wishes to all for the year ahead!
This is my first poker journal, or journal of any sort, come to that - I've been inspired to start it largely due to reading through Freenachos journal since being linked to it by a friend a couple of weeks back. So big shoutout to Nachos, and I hope that my journal will also be able to serve as some inspiration and motivation to others during my journey :-)
I'll flesh out some more of my backstory as we go, if anyone is interested, but for now I'll jump ahead to my current point and my plans for this year, as that's where I want my focus to be :-)
So after various years of being around the game, sometimes quitting for some time before coming back, always dabbling, but never mastering anything whilst playing MTTs and SNGs, I decided to give poker one last shot, and switch to cash games, due to the more flexible schedule. So in 2020 I deposited $100 on stars, and started grinding 2nl, whilst studying using free content - shoutouts to Gingepoker and Zerospoker for their twitch streams. Then over the next 18 months I grinded a pretty steady schedule, concentrating on improving my understanding of the game, and getting reps in. So by the end of that time I had eventually gotten to 25nl, and I decided that I really wanted to take the game much more seriously and to able to make a living from it. So I applied to join a staking/CFP group. Whilst looking for the right group, it was important to me to find a team that was really interested in helping their players progress, and in doing something positive for the community. I applied to BrPC, and was invited to interview with Max Lacerda, the CEO of the microstakes team (also a coach here on RIO), and honestly I was pretty blown away by the professionalism of the team, and the incredible community that they've created, and it immediately felt like the perfect choice, and after a trial period I was invited to join the microstakes team there starting at 50nl, which I gratefully accepted. Now I've been with BrPC for about 4 months, and am so happy to be part of an amazing team of positive, motivated people who are always ready to help and support - shout out also to Stevejpa for the great weekly coaching sessions. :-) So far my results have not gone as I would have liked, but I'm in this for the long-term. Hence the "Softly softly catchee monkey", as this is a process that requires a lot of patience and persistence, and those are 2 of the qualities that I'm aiming to develop this year.
So that's my poker story in a nutshell :-)

Now I would like to set some weekly goals here to keep myself accountable:
End date for this set of goals will be midnight of Friday 7th January

Play 14k hands in blocks of no more than 500 hands in order to keep maximum focus level ( )
Study 1 video per day and create flashcards of all relevant info learned in Mochi ( )
Meditate 3 times per day every day ( )
Home workout everyday - currently self-isolating with covid, so can't leave the house ( )
Post one hand per day in BrPC discord, and respond to one hand posted by other players, if someone posted ( )

Ok, I think 5 goals for the week is probably a good number, so I'll leave it there :-) Also aiming to do a good amount of reading/listening to audiobooks, plus working on improving my Spanish and Russian, but I don't want to create an overwhelming number of goals, so 5 it is :-)

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