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Sold my business. LFG.

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Sold my business. LFG.

I'm 28. I have been a losing live player for the majority of my poker life of 10 years or so. Have always thought myself to be talented at the game but lacked sound fundamentals and had terrible mental game tendencies/habits: recoup tilt, drinking during sessions, playing way under-rolled, lavish spending habits. I have gone broke several times but have always had my business to reload.

When I was 20, I won a lawsuit against an insurance corporation for 113K. I decided to make a go of playing live and went bust within a year. About 60K lost in the game and a poker coach who'd been swindling me (and tried suing me!). The rest was spent living the good life. Had to go back to work and played recreationally for the next few years.

Well, I've sold my business for about 30K. Small potatoes, I know. But I also have a full-time job.

So, I'm putting the 30K as my new roll. If it works this time, I'm in the game. If I lose it, I'm out.

I'm going to make a go at online MTTs ($15 ABI) and live cash (1/3-2/5). I'm allocating 8 hours to study a week and 30 to play.

Will post hands, session notes and questions here. Would love your input!

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