StreamR - Crushing small stakes PLO.

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StreamR - Crushing small stakes PLO.

About me:

I am Kit. I learn how to play NLHE when I was studying in Uni. Bought a bunch of books, played online and live. Withdraw my winnings after studies and move back home to start a new career in engineering. I love poker so much, so I decided to put in $500 and grind 25NL/50NL 6 max during my free time. I quickly run it up, quit my job soon after and been playing poker full time since 2010 I believe.

I switch to PLO at the end of 2016 and really started my PLO journey at 2017. Things have been a little wonky since. At the beginning of 2017 the most comprehensive PLO content was Tom Chambers book, but quickly by the end of 2017 Monker solver came into the picture. This is where things start to go down hill for me and rock my confidence. I spend alot of time studying Monker, but my results for 2018 where horrible. The more I study the more I lose it seems. I had a 5 months losing streak and it was devastating. As I cant seem to figure how did I start losing when I feel I am at the peak of my PLO knowledge. I did okay in 2017 when I knew so little about PLO compare to what Monker have shown me. It could just be variance or maybe other factors. I did switch from Pokerstars to Partypoker. I just cant seem to do well in Party poker.

At the end of my NLHE career I played mostly 200NL 6m on ACR mix with some 400NL and even some rare 600NL/1000NL when games are good. I played a mix of 100PLO and 200PLO on Party poker before I stop last year. Same username so some regs might remember me.

I have always been a PC gamer since young and was watching a lot of streams on twitch for many years. I always thought of streaming myself. First thought was Hearthstone but I didnt quite like the game and the $$ cost. But when Valve announce Artifact I thought that was something I could do, stream and play Artifact competitively. So after a 5 months losing streak, I stop playing poker (Nov 2018). I bought myself a good blue yeti mic and a logitech webcam and get myself ready to stream Artifact.

Fast forward a few months Artifact is kind of is a dead game. There are many speculation of why it failed, but mainly I think it just wasnt fun for the average player. They try to negate the RNG factor of cards games by making ALOT of small RNG rolls that have smaller effect on the outcome of the game. This is better overall for competitive play as it decreases variance but for the average player it just isnt fun. Every time you lose a RNG roll which there are many every round it just feelsbadman. And I think that is what lead to the game failure overall.

So Artifact was unfortunately a no go. However, RIO Poker came to save the day with StreamR. It was an instant no brainer for me to try this out. I mean, I already have the mic and webcam, I always wanted to stream and I know how to play poker better than Artifact. If you are reading this you already probably know how StreamR works, to move up tiers you need to increase viewer hours. I can control the hours I stream but not the amount of viewers I get. Twitch doesnt favor small streamers and I will have to be creative to get more viewers. To be honest, one of the few reason I decided to write this Poker Journal is for this very reason.

I am someone that do need some extrinsic motivation to get me going (2nd reason for this journal). So the streamR program is great in that sense. I am going to take this seriously from the start. Planning to stream 8 hours/day 5 days/week. Hopefully I can grind my viewership up by the end of March to get to 2nd tier+. I will breakdown the streams to two 4 hour sessions with a one hour break inbetween. There is two reason for that.

One is I live in Asia and I have to turn my clock upside down for this to work. The one hour break is where I will get "dinner", at 2 am in the morning. The second reason is I believe at the end of the day, while being a streamer is something that I would like to do, but if I am going to stream Poker, I have to be first and foremost a Poker player first and a streamer second. I want to play my best and be totally engage with my decisions so taking a break after 4 hours of playing + streaming is a must. I prefer shorter streams like this but with a more consistent schedule. (schedule might change if RIO Poker traffic picks up and games are good during non peak hours)

On top of that I would have to get deep into studying Monker and also stay on top of improving my stream, maybe even start a youtube channel. This is going to be schedule intensive, as I "HAVE" to play poker. Before streaming as a poker player we can take a break anytime we want to, I guess I still could but I want to try to stick to the schedule for as long as I can and only really taking a break if I am totally burn out. I forsee a challenging few months a head of me, but its the first time I am excited to play Poker again in awhile (since my downswing last year).

Channel: Kitsune101
Schedule: Sun-Wed, Fri. First session 1500-1900 (CET). Second session 2000-2400 (CET)
Game: The Great Game 50PLO 6-max (for now)

Please do dropby to hangout, chat, ask questions or lurk. I appreciate any support I can get, do follow if you like the stream.

Long Live Poker!

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