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mid-high stakes mtt journal

Changed this to purely mtt journal

I've been a poker pro the last 10 years. I mainly played live the first 7 years of my career but due to health issues I mostly play mid and high stakes mtts fulltime on ACR and Ignition. I plan to use this thread to post updates on my goals and progress in trying to get to the highest stakes mtts, as well as stories I want to write up on how I got into poker and being a live pro for many years. Also, if you have any mtt questions I'm trying to respond to every post in the mtt section of the forums.

Will post monthly results

Since 2017 - may 2019 according to sharkscope I have a 40% ROI with an avg buy in of $53 on ACR
My ROI on mtts $10-$30 116% with avg buy in of $26 over 2400 mtts
ROI on $31-99 is 34% with a $65 avg buy in over 1700 mtts
ROI on $100+ -22% with avg buy in of $165 over 400 mtts.

Now I know Im a winner at the high stakes MTTs on ignition (No re rentry and worse players). But I also dont have great records to figure out my roi and havent had any good software till recently to track it. On ACR Over half my losses at the high stakes MTTs were from shot taking in 2017 after a big score where I was definitely not a winner in the games. I've been game selecting in 2019 for the high stakes mtts, only playing the large field MTTs as the smaller field ones have a much higher concentration of winning players in them. I think my skill level is such that I should be a winner in these games, but I also know I need to get better. Mainly I think I'm getting crushed by the good players when we get to sub 25bb and Im just playing too loose preflop, theyre calling 3b shoves properly and 3b shoving vs me way more often than players at lower and mid stakes. So thats the main thing Im working on right now. By the end of the year I want to get my mid stakes ROI above 50% and the high stakes roi above 15% With a longer term goal of 30%+

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