Turning Pro after 17 years

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Turning Pro after 17 years

I'm a recently turned professional poker player from the UK (I promise we're not ALL fish over here).

Being a responsible parent, my dad taught me to play poker when I was 12 years old and that same year i watched the 2003 WPT final table on TV and wanted to go pro ever since. I tried a couple of times after leaving university but just wasn't good enough and although I looked everywhere for ways to improve, joining a couple of different stables but getting kicked out of both. I was just lacking something that led me to posting graphs like this which were pretty crushing at the time.

Eventually after years of work and coaching I eventually got to the point I was beating the games and have spent the last year and a half moving up in stakes, transitioning to effectively playing part-time and getting myself to the point I am at today where in January of this year I quit my job, took the plunge and went professional. I wanted to make this thread here to keep myself accountable and to share my experience (which so far has largely been a combination of freedom and stress).

My goals for the coming months and year are:

Sort myself out with proper routines to organise my days and stick to them!
Play a minimum of 120 hours a month alongside coaching
Get ready to shot take 1knl (although I'm not sure I'm going to find enough games running to put in much volume there)
Stop shouting at the computer screen at 3am and waking up the neighbours

Hopefully I can keep the sun-run from the last 12 months going!

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