Up and beyond...PLO small stakes!

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Up and beyond...PLO small stakes!

Check !

I hope I've got your attention!

My name is "OmgClayDurrland " , and i consider myself old to be an online player these days. My days mostly consist of work (i have an actual job) and internet series (Netflix, HBO, etc), combined with sessions of poker. I`ve been lucky enough to whiteness the rise of most of the modern day superstars of poker. This includes, but is not limited to Phil & Tom, as my name strongly indicates are my poker idols. Some of my plays, will be influenced by these named players, but i won't go to court to get refunds if they fail! Always fancied players with a bit of gamble in them, but also the ability to play rock solid poker.

Ill make a few introductions first. I am not an native english speaker, and it is a language that i mostly use during work hours. Though i can speak / read & understand 100% of the words spoken, i do apologize for any mistypings that will be noticed during the duration of this journal.

The beginning:
2003, Moneymaker wins the World Series of Poker. I was hooked. The whole world explodes in poker!
As many other players before me, i went broke multiple times, trying to rise through the stakes of online poker. I could grind for hours, running up a small bankroll, only to have it completely destroyed once i moved up stakes. Taking to big of a risk, has been a huge leak of mine for my entire poker career. Hopefully this is about to change.

Online & available tools - the way forward:
I will be using Pokertracker 4 to document my sessions. I will play Zoom poker at Pokerstars. Playing times will be after work, hopefully upwards of 15h a week.

Starting stakes & games:
I will be playing PLO. PLO will be played at 0.10-0.25$ & 0.25-0.50$.

Financials & bankroll:
Starting bankroll will be 100 buy ins for the lowest starting take 2500$. No cashouts will be performed. If i go broke, new starting bankroll will be added.Liferoll & poker roll separated, so any potential failures will not affect daily life!

Goals & target for the journal - The Basics
- Stability online!
- 15h playtime per week. Playtime will be reduced, if focus is lacking.
- Keep focus on the task at hand ! Update the journal after each session. Hopefully i will be able to do so in a satisfactory way.
- Try to mix in at least 2 hours of study sessions each week. It has to be video material !
- Move up in stake, when bankroll allows it.
- Avoid tilting & huge risk plays!
- Play 0.50-1.00 PLO within end of the year (perhaps a hairy goal, but I need something to aim for)

Goals & target for the journal - Long term
- Stabilize at 1-2 PLO within 2022.

Sooo, i guess that's it. Lets go !

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