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Vision GTO Trainer FAQ

Thanks for your interest in Vision GTO Trainer, the fastest and most visual training tool on the market. If you haven’t yet, please take a look at our collection of Tutorial Videos, which will introduce you to Vision's key features. You can also check out the User Guide for more detailed information on settings and terminology. If you have any questions feel free to start a thread in this forum, email [email protected] or join the Vision Discord channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between 4-card Vision and 5-card Vision?
4-card Vision plans allow you to improve your game by studying sims and testing yourself at the more traditional 4-card Pot Limit Omaha variant. Our 5-card Vision plans allow you to study and test yourself to improve your game for 5-card PLO. Currently, 5-card plans don’t have access to turns and have less spots available than 4-card plans.

At launch, Vision 5-card solutions are only available for pre-flop and flop play but we are working on adding turns and they will be available in the near future.

What positions does Vision include?
4-card plans:
Single Raised Pots: COvsBTN, UTGvsBTN, BTNvsBB, UTGvsBB, SBvsBB
3-Bet Pots: SBvsBTN, SBvsUTG, BTNvsCO, BTNvsUTG, SBvsBB
4-Bet Pots: COvsBTN, BTNvsSB, SBvsBB
Squeezed Pots: SBvsCOvsBTN, BTNvsUTGvsCO

5-card plans:
Single Raised Pots: COvsBTN, BTNvsBB
3-Bet Pots: BTNvsCO, SBvsBTN
4-Bet Pots: COvsBTN, BTNvsSB

The majority of 4-card spots are available for both 50bb and 100bb. 5-card spots are currently only available for 100bb but we will continue to work on adding additional spots over time.

How many boards does Vision contain?
We are continuously working on adding new board textures to our solutions. Currently, there are more than 16,000 boards for 4-card plans and more than 2,500 boards for 5-card plans. The board textures have been designed in a way to efficiently approximate all possible textures that you can encounter.

Where did your solutions come from?
We ran every sim available in Vision ourselves utilizing MonkerSolver.

What assumptions did you use?
Rake is equivalent to PokerStars 500 Zoom.
5%, 1200msb
Buckets: 30,30,30
Perfect, Large, Large
Preflop: Volatility 0.0x to 0.1x (>100 I/N for 100bb, 50 I/N for 200bb and thousands of I/N for 50bb)
Postflop: Volatility 0.x to 1.x (30-150 I/N)

I don’t play 500 Zoom, will Vision work for me?
Yes! The GTO preflop range contains fewer (more) hands in a higher (lower) rake environment, but post-flop decisions are identical.

I 3x preflop and Vision assumes pot-sized raises. Will Vision work for me?
Yes! The GTO range with a 3x preflop raise size contains more hands, but post-flop decisions are identical.

Will you be adding NLHE, different stack sizes, multiway pots, etc in the future?
New features will be added to Vision on an ongoing basis.

Do I need a solver or a strong PC to run?
No, Vision runs completely in your browser with no additional software required.

So can I use it on my phone too?
Yes, Vision is fully optimized for mobile devices

Which browsers do Visions support?
All modern browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Can I study exploitative solutions?
We are not planning to add this capability to the core product, but you can practice using your own sims now using the Custom mode, located in the Practice tab.

How did you choose which spots to have multiple bet sizes or not, and how can we know how much EV we are losing when adopting a simpler strategy?
Postflop bet sizing options were chosen to optimize for maximum EV through testing multiple sizing options across a large sample of boards in MonkerSolver. Sizings were then reviewed and adjusted by a group of high stakes PLO players, but these adjustments were only made if the EV loss was not significant.

For example, on monotone boards, 1/10 pot size bets are often maximum EV, but this sizing is not commonly used in practice, and not significantly different in terms of overall EV than the 33% sizing used in Vision. Of course, you can quiz any sizing you like in Custom mode.

Do we ever fold to a 5bet after 4betting?
Rarely. When facing a 5bet shove, the only hands you fold are:

HU: Ax, single suited, no AA, no KK.
6Max: See chart below:

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