Why is BDFD imp. in this spot?

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Why is BDFD imp. in this spot?

Hi guys...I've just subscribed to Vision and need some help to get started.

Spot: We have 8765hh OOP in a 3B pot (CO vs BTN). We check call a 50% pot bet on flop with bottom pair + flush draw. We check the turn and face a pot size bet.

Now Vision is suggesting to call if we also had the BDFD on the flop and fold if we didn't.

Question 1) Can someone please explain why is the BDFD important?
Question 2) Even within the double suited combos, Vision suggests to pure call with 8h7h6s5s and split call/fold with the 8h7s6h5s and 8s7h6h5s combos. It would be great if someone could throw some light on this as well.

Thanks a ton!

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