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Close EP opens

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Close EP opens

I've been reviewing my EP opens recently and found a few hands which I think are very in the middle of RFI or Fold:

AKQ6 (KSS): We should avoid Naked AKxx Rainbow hands, but this hand is SS and has a Q for extra connectivity however the dangling 6 makes this hand a lot weaker, and not being suited to the A could get us into trouble.

7766DS: This is a fairly low double pair but I think it makes up for that in perfect connectivity and being double suited however making flushs or straights with this hand could get me into trouble as it will often be a low straight/flush, also set over set coolers will happen more often playing low pairs. Would I have to play this hand super passively post flop, and if so what would be the point in opening it if it's so hard to get value when this hand hits, and it isn't blocking any opponent calls/3bets?

T877DS: I opened this hand but looking back I think it is more of a fold, the pair in the hand is low and the gap is at the top of the hand which can lead to drawing to the non-nut straight. Hands like TT97DS and T997DS seem like good candidates to open however, would I be correct in assuming this?

I also want to leave my weakest AAxx hands, as I'm fairly certain we should be opening all AAxx but these are some real bottom of the barrel hands: AA63r + AAQ3 3S

Any feedback on the hands and my assumptions would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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