EP 17 50/50 Strategy

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EP 17 50/50 Strategy

Hi all.

I'm hoping for some help understanding how to create my continuation ranges based on the 50/50 defence strategy against Villains 3bet.

I understand the principle of folding the bottom 50% of my range, and then splitting the top 50% into 4bet value, Call and 4bet Bluff (and that I'd want the same number of combos of 4bet value and 4 bet bluff).

What I'm less clear on is how to assign a specific hand into each category. In the Video, Pete uses the CO opening range as an example:

But how has he decided for example that K9s is a bluff, but 87s is a call? Or that 98s is a call and KJo is a fold?

I'm trying to split the other opening ranges from the supplied charts up in a similar way, but I'm unsure how to decide where to draw the lines. For example the highjack opening range contains 242 combos, So I need to fold around 121. If my Value 4bet is AA, KK, AK, That's 28 Combos, So I need 28 4bet bluff combos. How do I pick the right ones? Is A7s, a better bluff candidate that 76s? Is KTs a better call that 99.

I'm assuming it's based on the EV of the starting hand? I use Poker Cruncher mac for range work, but it doesn't seem to calculate EV. This is the closest thing I've found online: https://www.tightpoker.com/poker_hands.html but it doesn't allow for position–at least I don't think so (and the link at the bottom of the article to EV for positions is incomplete).

Sorry if that's overly long-winded. Hoping for some pointers. Thanks!

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