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Ep 9 Polarized Flop Raising - Reasons

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Ep 9 Polarized Flop Raising - Reasons

I am enjoying the course and Peter really did a great job helping me develop solid fundamental concepts, but now I am stuck in the middle of this episode and I want to fully understand it before I move on to the next part. Thank you in advance!

Peter gave 3 reasons of building a polarized raising range against a cbet on the flop. I would like to know if I understand them correctly:

  1. Wet flop: I understand that, as a preflop caller, the wet flop hits my range a lot, so I often have the range and nut advantage. Peter mentioned about the scenario where we would want to raise and build the pot when we have value hands, but he did not talk much about the bluff-raise part. V, as a preflop aggressor, often checks the wet flop, unless he has a really strong hand. Do we have enough fold equity to raise against cbets on a wet flop? If we cannot have many bluff-raises, how should we balance our value-raises, and therefore polarize?

  2. V's cbets are polarized: Peter mentioned we should raise with an even more polarized range against those cbets. Peter said we need to have even better hands to get value from V's value cbet, but how about our bluff-raise range? Does it mean we now call with bluffs we used to bluff-raise with (eg Ace high nut flush draw) and bluff only with draws that have no showdown value?

  3. V folds a lot to raise (ie only continues with a very strong range): Can I say with a high fold equity, we can do better by further polarizing our raising range by including more bluffs, even with less equity (ie no change in the range of value raise, but expanding the range of bluff raise), as we can easily give up the pot as V calls our raise or reraise?

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