Episode 23 River Bluff Selection

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Episode 23 River Bluff Selection


I'm not getting the whole value to bluff ratio example at around minute 6:35 - 7:05. Peter says he was 45 value combos there and given his modest best size (2/3 pot) he is using a 2.5:1 value to bluff ratio.

I get the math behind having 18 bluff combos for the 45 value combos (45/2.5 = 18).

What's throwing me off starts at minute 6:48, he says" if we had 36 value combos that would be 2:1 so we're adding on 9 to that which is 45 versus why it's 2.5:1."

Not really sure what he's trying to convey with the comparison of 36 to 45 value combos. If he had made a 2/3pot size bet the value to blue ratio would still be 2.5:1 so wouldn't it just be 14 bluff combos for the 36 value combos (36/2.5= 14.4)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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