Episode 7 selective vs unselective c-Betting.

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Episode 7 selective vs unselective c-Betting.

Hi guys,

I love this course thx a lot Peter!

now I have some questions.

First my Ranges
Bu opening range:

BB cold call range:

EQ BU open vs BB cold call:

Now I have some questions:

On the unselective C-Betting slide:

  1. Q♠7♥3♣ : very dry. and we range bet. the EQ of the BU drops very slightly only from 54.774% to 53,995% why do we range bet? Bc our EQ preserves on that flop plus the absence of draws, the nutadvantage with Overpairs and Set QQ and bc of villain has a hard time to play his mediocre stuff like 88 7x 44-66?

  2. 8♠4♦2♦ :EQ of the BU range drops slightly from 54.774% 54,429% so the EQ advantage of the BU-range preserves. At the first glance the board looks like a selective C- Betting board. If u guys look at my ranges BB range hits quit well this flop. I don’t know if preserving is enough of an argument to justify a range bet.

2.1. Is there a EQ threshold were we switch from range betting to polarized betting?

Selective C-Betting slide:

  1. J♠8♠7♣:the EQ of the BU range increase very slightly only from 54.774% to 55,036% looks like a board we could go eighter way... but I suppose we bet selective bc of the tremendous amount of runouts we face on the turn and river.

4.K♥Q♣T♥:the EQ of the BU range increase from 54.774% to 56.011% . So looks for me more as a candidate to bet unselective.

thx for discussing guys!!


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