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Help me categorize hands (episode 26 +27)

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Help me categorize hands (episode 26 +27)

All hands are played at 5plo on gg poker regular tables:

First hand:
I'm BB with Ac Ks Td 8h, 100 BB effective, 6 handed.
Bu open 3,4 BB, SB fold, I call.
Flop (6,8) Kh 8d 6d

Is my hand medium strong or very strong?
What's Villains (average LP player) continuation range? I'm assuming it is Kx, 88, 66, 68, 79, 57, dd and combinations of GS + pair.
How good are my blockers? I was thinking K8 blocks a lot of made hands and Td blocks a little bit of flushdraws, but given that Villain can have so many flushdraws I don't think it matters all that much.
How good do we consider playability to be? I don't think I have much BD equity. I like offsuit Q, J and of course K, 8. I have two nutouts.

What are future blockers here? I fail to really understand the concept, because whenever I have a BD draw on the flop, I automatically have those same cards as blockers. Does future blockers only refer to blocking made hands? For example is my Td a future blockers (albeit a weak one)? And if so, why is it not a current blocker (blocking villain flushdraws) or is both? And why make the distinction if it is both?
Or am I saying that my K is a topset blocker, but stops being a topset blocker, if the turn is an A? And does that make my A a future topset blocker? Yeah, I'm really somewhat confused about the terminology here.

Long story short:
I was thinking (please correct me!)
- My hand is between medium and very strong rather strong though, I can never ever consider folding, top two, no matter what my sidecards are, so it must be in the very strong category.
- I totally hate x/r with my hand, since every non brick turn is going to feel aweful and if my opponent decides to GII I'm pretty much never ahead (probably would have to fold actually)
- That leaves c/c or lead. I used to default to c/c, but I'm not really happy about that. Playability is not so great and BU can take free cards all day everyday. So maybe I should lead? (nobody has a polarity advantage here though).

Second hand: headsup, 115 effective.
I'm BB with As Js 7d 3h
SB/BU opens 3 BB, I call.
Flop (5,8) Th 9h 8c

I have second nuts without any additional equity and a lonely 3h in the blocker department.
Normally I would say this hand is very strong (second nuts headsup) and that I'm not blocking V. continuation range. The table suggests x/r for this scenario, however that seems like a ridiculous overplay to me. So maybe the hand is only medium strong then?
But what are the strong hands then? Robust equity hands like TT, Ahh and of course QJ?
Then again, maybe I'm just too nitty and this is a slamdunk x/r headsup?
I think, I would feel most comfortable leading the hand.

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