Huge leak - what now

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Huge leak - what now

Hey guys

This is a bit emberrasing, but sharing might help. This is my first post here.

A while ago i build up a small roll playing micro sngs and mtts. I have always found poker fun and challenging, and as i have other jobs i figured I would switch to cash games. The sessions being easier to fit in my ever changing schedule. My goal is to be a good amateur and beat the small stakes games.

So I was rolled for 10nl and bought the FTGU course. Great content and I also have the grinders manual.

But I studied to little and played to much.Even though I have learned a lot from the course, all of it is not engrained in my way of thinking and playing. I play good sessions and I play horrible sessions.
And probably underestimate the importance a studying and implementing the new stuff. Naturally that leads to losing.

I would be beating 10nl slightly, if it was not for this BIG leak.

So here it is:
I call in big pots on the river(mostly) when Villain shoves or bets big. And they have it. Over 90% in these spots they hold the nuts or something that beats me.
I dont know whether to laugh or cry about it, I am a fairly smart guy, but this habit is SO hard for me to change.

So what now? I will study/play 50/50. To develop my game and get the basics down.

But how do I fix my huge leak? Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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