Linear and Polarized 3-betting

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Linear and Polarized 3-betting

From what I understand, with;
- Polarized 3-betting you:
1. High fold Equity: Otherwise why 3-bet such weak hands?
2. A calling range: Seperates bluffs from value

Linear requirements:
1. Low Fold Equity: We want a value heavy range
2. No calling range: Nothing to seperate bluffa from value

My question is:
- If a regular opens and has a fold to 3-bet of 83% and I have position on him, however, 1 or 2 fish are in the blinds who want to see a flop very often, we actually want a linear range, right?
- Another linear spot seems to be where it's a typical spot to 3-bet, like BTN - CO, SB - BTN etc. (because we have low fold equity)

Do I also come to the right conclusion that at the low stakes, a linear range happens more often?

And, if we start with AA-KK, AKs in a linear 3-betting range and we have no bluffs.. how do we decide when a hand is no longer a 3 bet?

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