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Range % question

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Range % question

Good morning (or afternoon) everyone,

I have a basic and likely silly question. As a former NLHE player transitioning to PLO, I find it very difficult to categorize a hand in the right % of the total Omaha range.

Indeed, the usual question I’m asking myself when playing is like “does QQ66ds land in the 9.8% or even in the 8.2% or in neither of them?”
As such, is there a free website or software out there that would give you the exact percentage of strength of your hand once your enter it in? (Apologies if my question is not entirely clear don’t hesitate to say if it’s the case).

I assume that solvers do give the answer, but as I read for many players, my Omaha journey is still at the beginning and doesn’t justify those investments (YET) so I’m looking for an alternative.

Anyway thanks for your help,
Have a nice Sundayy

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