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Shove Spots

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Shove Spots

Hi - got a basic question about studying shove spots, having recently finished the video on playing a shove/fold stack. I think the TLDR of my question is "Do you have to take every marginally +EV shove?"

The attached picture is a shot of the table spot I am trying to recreate. Small field tournament, 20 players remaining, all already ITM but pay jumps are tiny until ~final 8. It's a fairly soft field (it's got me doing well in it lol), except when ozzieowen decides he hasn't got enough tables running and regs some of mine. I've set up the simulation in Multi Table ICM, I believe correctly. Ive been studying the hand from both my POV and that of SB, who has a similar stack.

As the screenshot shows, theres a lot of very marginal hands in the SB shoving range. The temptation when I am studying is to say something like "I know people are going to make big mistakes, so why should I risk my stack on a +0.01 shove? Im going to remove everything that earns less than +0.05 and look again". Is this reasonable?

I'm probably missing out on times when people overfold, and that's probably quite a lot at this stage of the tourney, but I dont really know for sure.

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