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Alex Theologis

Alex "Pwndidi" Theologis is a Greek poker player who arrived on the high stakes MTT scene in mid 2018 after a number of years grinding and learning the game. Through hard work and determination, he has amassed over $2,000,000 in profit and over $12M in lifetime cashes. Alex's biggest score came in the $25k WSOP Super High Roller which established that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Alex has produced dozens of videos for Run It Once but recently dedicated his personal study to PKO tournaments and the fruits of that labor are on full display in this course. He is widely considered by his peers to be one of the best PKO players in the game and certainly one of the best to teach this variant.

Alex Theologis
You’ll Learn:
  • The fundamentals and advanced theory behind progressive knockout tournaments, along with practical examples for the application of this theory.
  • How to use Holdem Resources Calculator to study bounty tournament preflop strategies and export the output in PIOsolver.
  • Solver-based explanations for the preflop strategy adjustments to make when being the covering or covered stack in different scenarios.
  • How bubble and final table ICM works in PSKOs and how it differs from regular tournaments.
  • The postflop adjustments to make when covering or being covered.
  • The solver based theory behind mystery bounties.
You'll also get:
  • A detailed final table and hand history review from PKO crushers Graftekkel and OneH1tWonder.
  • Two in depth hand history reviews from Alex.
  • A PSKO quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Excel sheets comparing different PSKO postflop strategies.
  • Slides detailing theory points, bounty values and the main takeaways from each chapter for easier reviewing.
  • A glossary of terminology used in the course.
  • Access to the course's dedicated discord channels where you can ask Alex questions directly and get his thoughts on your hands.

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