Solving the PLO

Master Single Raised Pots

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What Is PLO Puzzle?

Solving the PLO Puzzle is a series which aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of a specific topic in Pot Limit Omaha. In this course Richard and Cory do a deep dive on the topic of single raised pots.

By dialing in on a specific topic in PLO we can go into never-before-seen detail. No cutting corners: every situation is analyzed in depth to improve your game as much as possible. We combined analytical videos with more abstract, conceptual videos to teach concepts from several different angles to help you learn the game of Pot Limit Omaha more efficiently. Finally, to tie everything together we have our theory in practice section which gives us a chance to see how we can apply our newly found skills to real life in-game examples.

Who is this course for?

This Pot Limit Omaha course was built with the serious PLO player in mind. No matter if you are struggling at lower stakes, or you are already beating mid-high stakes, you will greatly benefit from the material in this course. The content was created by carefully analyzing hundreds of simulations and condensing the information into a package that anyone can learn from. The result is a course with content that we strongly believe even the best players in the world can learn a thing or two from. This does not mean the content is too high level to understand for a newer poker player, quite the contrary. We have made an effort to teach complex concepts and ideas in a clear and concise way.

Doesn’t our PLO winrate mostly come from playing big pots?

This is a massive misconception that a lot of poker players hold. The frequency that we find ourselves in smaller pots is much higher than the massive 3-bet, or 4-Bet pots. As a result, while a mistake might cost us less in the absolute sense, when we make the same mistake over, and over, and over again we end up losing a lot more money in the smaller, more frequent situation. Playing well in even the smallest checked down pots is quite important to our game.

In addition, your opponents probably think small pots don’t matter either which means they will make a lot of mistakes in these spots. Improving your play in areas where your opponent is weak is the easiest way to improve your winrate.

How much content is there?

There are 46 videos in total with a runtime of just under 17 hours.

Is this a subscription or a onetime fee?

Once you purchase the course the content will be yours forever.
With some content in the past we’ve seen that over time the information becomes less and less relevant as the game progresses to the point where you will only get worse if you try to learn from it. That is not the case with this course. All the material is solver based which means that it is timeless. The material you learn here will stay relevant for as long as PLO exists.

Does the course include any additional material?

Yes! By purchasing the course you will get access to over 100 quizzes with detailed answers which you can go through at your own pace to check how well you understand the content. In addition, you will get our board frequency sheets which you can use to study frequencies of different boards. This can be extremely valuable for studying things like paired boards or in situations like blind vs blind where C-Bet frequencies from the SB can vary massively from board to board.

Not sure? Watch two sample videos from the course:

Purchase Course$499 *Lifetime Access

Flop Play: IP C-Betting

Segment 1

Flop Play: OOP as the Non PFR

Segment 2

Flop Play: OOP as the PFR

Segment 3

Turn Play

Segment 4

River Play

Segment 5

Theory In Practice

Segment 6

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