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Kevin Rabichow's The Game Plan

Learn to Study Like the Best in the World

Whether you have years of experience or are just getting started, The Game Plan has what you need to elevate your game and reach your full potential as a poker player. With nearly a decade as a Run It Once coach under his belt and even longer competing at the highest levels in the game, Kevin Rabichow seeks to bridge the gap between your current level and players succeeding at the highest tiers of the game by offering his approach on how to study effectively and efficiently resulting in increases to your bottom line.

$5M+ Combined Tournament
Years Playing/Coaching
2M+ Hands Played Online
Legends Showdown Winner

“I’ve watched more videos from Kevin Rabichow than any other coach. His ability to distill complex concepts into easily understood lessons makes him one of the best teachers in the game.”

- Phil Galfond

“Seeking to take my heads up and short handed cash game skills to another level, I sought out the coaching of Kevin Rabichow. We have worked on both 6-max cash and MTTs over the last year in which I've seen great results in both.

Since then not only has my game sharpened substantially in cash, but I have had my best MTT results in the last year, including my first main event cash for 21k and a 28th place finish in the million dollar bounty for 53k.

I'd recommend Kevin to anyone for coaching across any format (HU, Cash, MTTs). He is truly one of a kind.“

- Josh Rothberg

“Since I started working with Kevin, my technical understanding of the game, my results, and my level of confidence have all increased tremendously. Kevin is both a strong player and a great teacher, which in my experience is a rare combination. I strongly believe that Kevin cares about his students and is invested in their success.”

- Ark Onikoul

"I spent a majority of 2021 getting consistent coaching from Kevin.

I knew from his videos that he was a very theory-oriented and calculated player. I was suprised by how much I learned from him about how to incorporate exploitation into my thought process as well. His ability to allow me to comprehend advanced concepts and then implement them into my game in a simplified way was a big key to me having one of the best years of my poker career in 2021. I can't wait to check out his new course and whatever content he produces in the future!"

- Tom Braband aka "TitanTom"

Evaluate Your Game
Develop Effective Study
Drill Areas of Weakness
Achieve Your Goals
What You’ll Learn:
  • Thorough Self-Evaluation Methods
  • Customizing Your Poker Training
  • Simplifying the Entire Game Tree
  • Efficient Use of all Essential Software
What You'll Get:
  • Kevin's Own Solver-Backed Ranges
  • Access to Private Discord Study Group
  • 4 Weeks of Private Seminars
  • Practical Heads Up NL Game Plan

Course Outline

  1. Intro
  2. Evaluate
  3. Improve
  4. Gameplan
  • Introduction to general theory and course principles
  • A deeper dive into how theory translates into practice
  • How to conduct a self-evaluation to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Examining different methods for improving and studying
  • Develop a plan of attack for studing various areas
  • Build a personalized study template for your areas of need
  • Study methods and skills training are introduced
  • Virtual coaching, live streams, private coaching, solvers, aggregated reports and various software are explored
  • A guide for efficient study is developed, saving countless hours learning on your own
  • The most important nodes in the game tree are explored and broken down
  • Real hands and training sessions illustrate how theory becomes practice
  • The development process behind Kevin's gameplan is fully explained
  • Tendencies deviating from optimal are fixed in our own game and exploited in our opponents


  • Who is this course for?

    While Kevin’s background and primary areas of focus over the last few years has been both HUNL and MTT’s, the course uses these games as a backdrop for developing successful study habits regardless of the game type. Even if your specialty is not either of these variants this course can help set you down the path for success.

  • Do I need to play mid stakes or higher to make this worthwhile?

    Quite the contrary. This course provides a guide for players that have been in the trenches for years or are just starting out. No matter where you fall on the spectrum this course will provide insight in your own game that will save you countless hours of ineffectual study and help you achieve your goals far sooner than going it alone.

  • How long is the course?

    The course consists of 45 videos.

It’s Time to Bring Your Game to the Next Level

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