$22 Stars - River spot w 87o

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$22 Stars - River spot w 87o

LJ: 10802
HJ: 5416
CO: 16680
BN: 25157
SB: 10644
BB: 11108 (Hero)
UTG: 27422
UTG1: 24548
UTG2: 28792
UTG 30/25
UTG+2 20/16
Preflop (750) (9 Players)
Hero was dealt 7 8
UTG raises to 1000, UTG1 folds, UTG2 calls 1000, LJ folds, HJ folds, CO folds, BN folds, SB folds, Hero calls 500
Flop (3250) 6 T 8 (3 Players)
Hero checks, UTG checks, UTG2 checks
I check with the intention of check/shoving here as I have decent equity even when called.
Turn (3250) 6 T 8 3 (3 Players)
Hero bets 1650, UTG folds, UTG2 calls 1650
River (6550) 6 T 8 3 Q (2 Players)

Villain's won at showdown % is 63. My total sample on him is 186 hands. I am unsure whether I should turn my 3rd pair into a bluff here as I think he has a lot of missed draws here that I have showdown value against and probably won't make too many better hands fold anyway.

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